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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Measure 26-218, which aimed to majorly expand transportation options and safety in the Portland metro area, failed to pass Tuesday night.  

The measure, proposed by Metro, was called “Get Going 2020” by the agency. 

According to the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office, nearly 56.8% of voters in Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas counties decided “no” on the measure.  

Measure 26-218 hoped to raise more than $5 billion for its proposed 150 projects, which would have included a new MAX line, a bus network, and improvements to sidewalk and traffic safety. 

The proposed tax would require companies within the tri-county area with 26 employees or more to pay up to .75 of their total payrolls. 

Prior to Election Day, supporters of the measure said the payroll tax it would have introduced would have come from 9% of businesses in the Mero-serving area region.  

However, opponents argued the tax would be put upon employees and the measure could drive businesses out of the area.  

Metro released a statement on the measure’s defeat, acknowledging that voters had spoken but said it will keep transportation improvements as a high priority going forward.  

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Very surprised by this. Maybe people saw all the ridiculous changes PBOT has made to the city and had enough. No more bike lanes, no more road diets and NO MORE TRAINS!


TrI Met has not been able to pass a money measure for Light rail since the mid 90's. But they always find the money anyway.


Why does it cost billions of dollars to replace the existing bus lines?

Eliza Cassan

a short setback, I'm sure the city will find a way to tax people with other new fees to get the money for this

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Good luck. 5 Bil is a big chunk of change. They're not getting that by raising parking meter fees.


Considering that most people living in the Portland metro area aren't that bright, I'm surprised that they didn't pass it. They usually fall for any scam that comes along.


They did exempt Portlandistan from this tax if it passed.

Delta Bravo

I would believe in public transportation when they run a MAX line to Lake Oswego. Won't ever happen, would be wildly opposed. You are right, they would not want the crime train along with it's low income housing.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Thank gawd. shutting down SW Barbur to one vehicle lane in each direction, just like N Interstate, would have been a complete disaster. No thanks Portland. Y'all can keep your crime train in your part of the city.

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