PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Portland gained national attention this week when the head of Homeland Security toured the vandalized Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse, the federal courthouse in downtown Portland.

Acting secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf said the City of Portland "has been under siege for 47 straight days by a violent mob."

But what does downtown actually look like right now?

FOX 12 took a walking tour to see and talk to locals about what they think of their city now.

Overall, downtown looks a lot different.

The federal courthouse is covered in graffiti.

In contrast across the street the Justice Center which has also been the center of protests is cleaned up and doesn't have a lot of graffiti on the building.

The windows and doors are still boarded up at the Justice Center.

Near the federal courthouse FOX 12 spoke with a veteran named Conner.

Conner lives in Portland and says the way people have described downtown Portland is exaggerated.

One of my biggest complaints is I see people on Twitter all over comparing this to a war zone. I have been in war zones; this is not it. This is people expressing their First Amendment, a right that I served for," Conner said. "It's two blocks people are keeping it localized to the Justice Center and the Hatfield Courthouse. They're not trashing all of downtown, they're not looting, they're not rioting. That was one night of some bad people, and everybody was all like don't judge all cops by a few bad cops, don't judge all protesters by a people that broke a few things."

But business owners like Frank Baccellieri, an insurance agent who's worked downtown for 40 plus years says Portland is not the same.

"It's become much more difficult. I know there's a fair amount of people that won't come downtown that used to," Baccellieri said. "The vibrance is gone. The city is not the way that it used to be obviously."

Many businesses around Pioneer Square are boarded up.

The square itself didn't appear to be vandalized.

There's graffiti on some buildings, but not everywhere.

Pioneer Place and surrounding businesses were also hit with vandalism during protests.

Many storefronts now look like a work of art, with boarded up doors and windows are covered in murals.

FOX 12 spoke with Rufus Williams, who was out selling Black Lives Matter t-shirts.

He's not from Portland but he comes here often, and he had some reflections on Portland's current climate.

"I look at it good and bad. The reason why I say good and bad because the bad part is it took a tragedy to get to that point. The good part is somebody got some pretty good artwork, somebody got some skills," Williams said.

Some business owners also told FOX 12 it's not just the vandalism but it's the violence and concerns about safety that is keeping many from heading downtown right now.

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(19) comments


'Walking tour: What Portland looks like now after protests' Portlandistan looks like downtown Beirut after the civil war, or Caracas Venezuela after their riots, or Mogadishu Somalia. No matter how the press, spinless Ted, and empress Kate try to sugar coat it, Portlandistan has become the newest left coast sh[censored]thole.


[angry] This is not reporting. I wonder if it would be art if it was all over the outside of her house? This young lady is delusional.


I see way more litter than Portland has ever had, litter by the way that makes its way into the river and other natural areas. Lots of graffiti on public and private property, Compared to what a nice, clean, exceptional city Portland has been for the past 45 years I have lived here, it is sad to see it becoming just one more American failed urban core.


Embarrassed to say I live in the state of Oregon. Family and friends from all over the country ask what is GOING on with Portland and Oregon. We have the worst governor and the worst mayor on the country!


You got that part right, @C40519.


"Don't judge all protesters by a few people that broke a few things." This guy is a crackhead.


You sure made it sound like all is well in Portland with the nice graffiti and all. Too bad it's not like you report it. Why do you sugar coat it, report it like it is?


I love how the reporter talks about "the murals" on the the buildings.

These are NOT murals. These are plywood boards placed over windows that had been smashed, or over windows to prevent them from being smashed.

The "murals" are layer over layer of graffiti on the plywood covering the smashed windows.

Don't sweeten it up.

It is what it is and many of us got to see it before they installed "murals".


That so called veteran named Connor is full of *hit it's a nightmare downtown Portland what these terrorists have done to our beautiful city..I haven't been downtown since the late eighties when it was starting to turn into the cesspool it is now.

Roberto Estrello Demar

Janni, that would be after Neil Goldschmidt's "transit mall" and his invitation to the Bloods and Crips to come up from California, and the darlin' Democrats' dream to inflate the local economy with synthetic "growth." Oh yes, we remember. There's a lot of us left, or the town would be in worse shape than it is.



Mr Q

Well those are some pretty benign pictures. I watch the news on TV and you see the places that are burned the things that are actually destroyed. Yet on this walking tour all you get shown is oh look some graffiti that people painted somewhere....

Reminds me of the propaganda pictures from North Korea on how great everything is and how much the citizens love living there.






So they call that the results of a "Protest"? That explains a lot about our inept leaders. I'd like to see the permits for every day they protested. Any chief petitioners out there to start a recall on kate brown? We need 140,175 signatures to put it to a vote.

Son of Fukov

They are already out there. Search "stop the abuse kate brown" and sign it.


War zone or not when does the action of a few out way the lives of the masses?

Nobody wants to go downtown anymore in the fear of being up in this mess that our leaders let happen night after night! What happen to the old of the days when you didn't do your job you simply got replaced? Right now our mayor and governor are failing badly!


LOL more denial. Portland businesses were looted for multiple nights and the rioting has gone on for more than a month now. Most of downtown is boarded up. There are vagrant camps and trash everywhere. No exaggeration, downtown Portland is a disaster and anyone who says otherwise has their head in the sand.

William R

I have not been to Portland since 2002, for a day class in CA now thru or around

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