PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Protecting peaceful protesters – that’s why the group Wall of Vets has now become another fixture at the protests in downtown Portland.

The Wall of Vets says their mission and message is simple: they support peaceful protesters and are standing as a shield between them and those they say are violating those rights.

We’ve seen the Wall of Moms, the Wall of Dads, and now, the Wall of Vets – a group of U.S. military veterans standing together as a human wall to protect peaceful protesters.

“We’re here as progressive vets and we haven’t had a voice before and I think we’re unified now to stand for what we feel is right,” said Tessa Terry, a veteran and the chapter organizer for the Wall of Vets in Portland.

She says focus needs to be turned back to the Black Lives Matter movement.

“It’s upsetting to see what’s happening to the citizens and even more upsetting that the federal troops are here,” she said.

Her husband LeShan Terry, who is also a veteran, joins her and the other veterans out at the protests every night.

“It’s to show that it’s not violent on our side and we’re being agitated against and the Wall of Veterans who stand at parade rest is showing that you are shooting at us and we are not violent,” he said.

The two along with their fellow veterans have been taking the tear gas for more than 50 nights.

They are expecting a baby, but they say it’s worth it.

“I try to stay there as long as I can, but I know it could have serious side effects so I try to stand back and watch my troops and it makes me proud that they know what they are standing for and they are continuing their oath,” Tessa said.

The thing they say that keeps them coming out here night after night is the belief that if they just keep holding on, it means a better future for their children.

“So they have a better America to live in than we have. That’s all I want, you know, because we do have children and they are black and brown and we’re here for them,” LeShan said.

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(19) comments

Red Blooded American

These "Vets" took an oath to protect our country from this kind of communism and now they are standing up for it. It makes me sick.


These are the folks that told Trump, just recently even, that “Walls don’t work”? Impressive “Wall of Karen’s” I am sure that their entitlement will keep others from getting hurt, after all the majority are white. Being a vet myself, I am pretty sure that almost none, if any, of these folks are combat vets. Most combat vets stay away from areas like these as they trigger memories of other conflicts...and also most everyone I know thinks that these people are a waste of time and nothing to be supported.


Vets getting involved with people who burn the flag they supposedly defend???????


Section 8 dischargees. Military term, used for a service member judged mentally unfit for service. Section 8 was also often given to cross-dressers, homosexual, bisexual and transgender people.


I highly doubt if any of these losers are actual*vets* like the one commentate said dear Fred *wall of losers and idiots* both my dad and brother are vets no way in frikking *ell would they consider getting involved in that mess!!


Peaceful Protestors don't need protection. Peaceful Protestors don't stab Black Trump Voters. Veterans for TRUMP 2020


Just proves that not all veterans and military are heros. These people are siding with the enemy and that makes them the enemy, also. They wouldn't make a pimple on a real veteran's a..


Simple question ! If the protesters are actually about getting change along black lives matter's grievances then why are the protesters not protesting where it might do some good and that is the city hall, mayor, and city council. If the protesters stayed away from the federal buildings the criminal rioters would not have any backing for their attacks on the federal buildings and they would soon all be in jail if they kept up their criminal activities ! It is quit obvious if you quit attacking the federal buildings the feds would not have to retaliate against you. The protesters seem to be deliberately trying to get the feds to attack them. If the feds did not need to protect the federal buildings they would not be deploying tear gas and rubber bullets !! Why is that so hard for the protesters to understand ! Think there might be more to this then what the lib's want to admit ??????????


wall of losers links arms to shield antifa as they throw rocks and IED's at officers. wow so much honor


What a disgrace these "progressive vets" are to the legacy of honorable vets. If the protesters they are "protecting" were peaceful and protesting a real problem their cause would be commendable but the protesters are largely a violent mob seeking to destroy our nation and divide our people.


I am embarrassed for them. Standing with the rioters, arsonists and criminals.


No one ever said there weren't bad apples in the military and I'm guessing that most of these deplorables are just pretending to have a history other than fast-food jobs and living on government assistance.


The wall of Dishonorable Discharges


so what's the end game for these fools. They were rioting before the feds were here so why would we think theyll just go home if the feds leave?

Frederick Fukov

Of course all of these themed "walls" don't hide what the entirety is, which is the "WALL of IDIOTS and TOTAL LOSERS."

Facts Matter

If there was a war, I'm betting these individuals would fight with and for the terrorists as well.


'Wall of Vets stand together to protect protesters in Portland' They must be the vets from the 'participation trophy' generation or something.

Punished Snake

First antifa pretend to be mothers then fathers and now they pretend to be veterans. Next they'll be marching out a wall of children from which to hide behind.

And to the three or four ACTUAL veterans out there standing side-by-side with these communist agitators, you're a disgrace.


Agreed with all the comments so far !!!

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