Want an eclipse souvenir? Businesses joining solar craze

Image: KPTV

Eclipse cupcake? You can get that. A permanent reminder of the path of totality? Portland tattoo artists are eager to roll up your sleeve. Maybe a T-shirt is enough – there’s plenty of those.

Whatever you fancy to enjoy or remember the solar eclipse is likely out there, and the list of gadgets, treats, crafts and souvenirs commemorating the phenomenon goes on and on.

“We already had someone place an order for like a specialty eclipse cake,” said Fat Cupcake owner Anjelica Hayes.

Hayes, like many Oregon business owners, is eager to ride out the wave as an expected one million visitors travel through Oregon, many of them going through Portland, where she operates one of two bake shops.

“It’s my hope that people eat the cupcakes before, during and after – so it will be a part of the entire celebration,” Hayes said.

Businesses near and far are offering eclipse crafts and mementos online too, on popular sites like Etsy. In a quick search, FOX 12 found handmade jewelry from McMinnville’s Studio463, and even a funky felt hat made in Turkey.

In Scappoose, business owner Tina Newton is enjoying a nice boost in sales in what’s typically a summer slow-down for a company dedicated to wool often purchased for wintertime projects.

“It’s a nice little jump,” Newton said, adding she’s shipping hundreds of orders for special solar eclipse yarn kits she created just for the event.

Her business, Blue Moon Fiber Arts, prides itself on hand-dyed wool using precise recipes to recreate the same effects using dye and turkey basters.

Figuring out how to capture the essence of a solar eclipse in a yarn that will be knitted, weaved or crocheted took several hours and lots of creativity.

“Artistically, for me it’s just a great canvas,” Newton said. “It’s a nice challenge.”

She’s excited to see how customers will take her work of art and turn it into a masterpiece of their own.

“That’s the best part of the job,” Newton said. “It’s a creative process that keeps going.”

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