PORTLAND, Ore. (KPTV) - Police are looking for a man who drove off the lot of a car dealership with a car he didn't pay for. 

PDX Motors says they believe the man used someone else's identity to get approved for a loan on the car. It wasn't until days later that the dealership realized the license the suspect had provided them didn't have an issue date on it. They believe the man they sold the car to took out a loan from another credit union using someone else's identity. 

The suspect came into the dealership with a hat on and a mask covering his face the entire time. After test-driving the car and having his credit, license and insurance verified, he was approved for the loan and drove off with the car. 

Days later, the suspect called the dealership back, asking for an exchange. 

"Eight to nine days later he calls us back with a story saying, 'My wife actually hates the car I'm driving' ... saying she thinks it looks like a boat or something like that," PDX Motors owner Alexander Stanisel says. 

The man, who said his name was Cullen, came back in, traded in that car for a different $30,000 SUV, and went through the whole auto loan process again. He was approved and left with his new ride. 

A few days later, the real Cullen called and said he had received plates in the mail, but said he didn't buy a car. 

Stanisel says looking back, a few things were off. Now, the dealership is out of an SUV and registration fees. 

If you know who this man is, call the Portland Police Bureau or Crime Stoppers. 

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