Wash Co Burg/Assault Search

(Courtesy: Washington County Sheriff's Office)

WASHINGTON COUNTY, OR (KPTV) – Deputies are searching for a suspect who is accused of assaulting a young girl after entering an apartment in Washington County on Wednesday.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office said the incident occurred on Northwest Heritage Parkway in the area of Southwest 185th Avenue and Southwest Baseline Road.

FOX 12 spoke with the girl’s mother, Darling Fredrick, who describes the bizarre attack as frustrating and scary.

“My children have never felt unsafe at home and now they feel like they’re not safe in their own damn home,” she said.

The sheriff’s office says a stranger broke into the family’s apartment Wednesday afternoon and punched a 9-year-old girl twice – once in the arm and once in the groin – and then took off.

Fredrick says her daughter and 7-year-old son were home alone at the time because she briefly left to check on a work project. That’s when she got the stunning phone call from her daughter, so she called police and rushed home.

“I’m just surprised, shocked this happened for sure,” she said.

Fredrick says the crime was senseless. She says her daughter was just watching TV inside when she noticed someone was in the grass right behind their home. 

“The person got annoyed or irritated that she was staring at them and opened our back door, ended up calling her the b word, said, ‘What are you looking at b’ and then just started punching her,” Fredrick said.

Fortunately, the little girl wasn’t badly hurt, but her mother says her daughter locked herself inside their detached garage unit for part of the afternoon, too afraid to come inside the house.

“She’s OK, she’s scared, and she wants me to make sure the house is safe and everything, and I let her know that everybody’s on the lookout, all the neighbors know,” Fredrick said.

The girl's 7-year-old brother told officers he saw the man leave through the back door of the apartment.

A K-9 search was conducted, but the suspect was not found.

Fredrick says she’s now going to be putting security cameras up, hoping to eventually regain some peace of mind for her family.

“This person comes into our space, our safe space that I’ve created for my children and come in and disrupted that right now.”

The sheriff's office described the suspect as a Black man between the ages of 18 to 25, 6 feet tall and wearing blue jeans and a red hoodie with "GAP" on the front.

Anyone with information about the incident or the suspect should contact dispatchers at 503-629-0111.

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(10) comments


A mother leave young kids alone. Heck, the attacker would be just as good a parent.


They won't find him because this didn't happen.

Frederick Fukov

Really? So the 9 year old is making it all up? And you know this..how?

Terrell Higgs

Based on?


Even if they do, and he is black, it still didn't happen, and if it did happen, the BLM would claim she asked for it.


Why is the word 'Black' capitalized in this article? Is it because it 'matters' more than good editing?


You're joking right? Stop making a black issue over everything... I bet you are white to?



Frederick Fukov

Hey..you can't do that. You can't accuse a black person of doing something like that. Haven't you ever heard of Black Lives Matter? This is now considered justifiable reparations.


White lives matter just as much. Gosh, the NAACP won't agree, but tough.

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