WASHINGTON STATE (KPTV) - Health Officials in Washington are taking a look at the idea of how schools will reopen, if at all, this fall.

On Wednesday, a group of health experts from King County spoke with reporters, saying if cases counts continue to rise, they don’t see it as a good idea to return students to classrooms in the fall.

“We are heading in the wrong direction and everyone needs to understand if we continue to head in the wrong direction it will be extremely difficult to bring students back to school,” Dr. Jeff Duchan with King Co. Public Health said.

Duchan added that if parents want to see their kids in school this fall, steps need to be taken now to lower the infection rates.

“The virus connects us all, we are linked, so unless everyone does their part to decrease transmission, everyone will feel the impacts of increased transmission,” Duchan said.

If students return, health experts said several steps need to be taken. They suggested kids and staff wear a mask or face covering. They also said distance should be kept between students and good hygiene maintained.

On the call it was also suggested that students and staff stay in their own cohort groups throughout the day. Health officials said if there is an outbreak of the virus, it will be easier to trace and would help keep it from spreading to other groups.

The group also discussed the importance of containing the virus outside of schools.

“Reopening schools cannot be considered in isolation, what happens outside of schools is as important as what happens inside of schools,” Lacy Fehrenbach said. “The most important step we can take to reopen schools this fall is to come together to reduce spread of the virus in our communities and statewide.”

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Delaying school openings is the best thing that could happen for the students. They can learn more from a video game than from a teacher and it's much cheaper.


Cases will go up. CVS is opening 165 drive thru testing locations. I'm old enough to remember when it was just about making sure the hospitals could keep up. Now apparently the goal is zero cases. Insanity

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