CAMAS, WA (KPTV) – The Camas football Revenge Tour is nearing its end.

From 5–5, after losing just five games their previous five seasons, to 13–0, the Papermakers have one more game to go.

A perfect undefeated season would come full circle, as Camas’ 30 seniors were freshman when the school collected its first-ever piece of football hardware in 2016.

“We aren't the best guys, best physically, not the best gifted players,” Kolby Broadbent, a senior safety/WR, said. “I mean, we got some dudes but we just play with heart, and that just comes from our coaches since day one."

The Papermakers dubbed this season the Revenge Tour after “a mom or something” came up with it, according to Broadbent.

The Clark County kids are built to churn out high volume success under longtime head coach Jon Eagle.

“I love that guy,” Rush Reimer, a senior OL/DL, said. “ He is almost like my second dad.”

A growth mindset and a dose of reality can go a long way in life and athletics.

“'It just shows you that if you get them thinking that way when they are really young, it just pays off for you,” Eagle said. “They listened. If they'll listen, they'll have success … peer pressure is a beautiful thing. It's not me, it's them. Getting their peers to come in and train and all buy in. That's the great thing, they are all buying in."

There’s no opting out of one more time in this friends and family plan.

“Just being able to fight together,” Tai Tumanuvao, a senior center, said. “Blood, sweat and tears sort of thing. It's a different bond than you would have with any other friends."

“The winds fade over time,” Eagle said. It's the relationships you have with the players and that the players have amongst themselves. That's what you are really building on."

It will be true revenge for the Papermaker if they can beat Bothell in Saturday’s 4A Championship at 4 p.m. at Mount Tahoma Stadium in Tacoma, as the team knocked them out of the running last year.

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