PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Early Friday morning, a pickup truck crashed into construction equipment in the work zone of I-205, marking the third crash in that area in just seven months.

Now, ODOT is telling drivers to pay attention.

"It's not just the workers in there, it's the police officers, it's the tow truck drivers, it's the flaggers," ODOT spokesperson Don Hamilton said.

And those who drive this stretch often, like Jonathon Knowles, know how dangerous it can be: "I was surprised to hear that there wasn’t more actually ya know some of these drivers are pretty chaotic around here."

According to ODOT, there were three serious crashes in the I-205 work zone in the past seven months, all involving impaired drivers.

Back in December, a driver crashed into a parked construction vehicle. That driver was arrested and ODOT said the passenger died from his injuries.

Then in March, an intoxicated driver crashed into a police car in the work zone. Both the driver and the officer were seriously hurt.

And then Friday morning, a pickup truck going the wrong way hit a piece of equipment. ODOT said luckily this time everyone seemed to be ok.

ODOT told FOX 12 statistically it’s those in the car who are most likely to be injured in work zone crashes, but the workers are at risk too.

"It's very scary for the workers who are in there. The average person doesn’t have a truck going by at 60 miles an hour in their cubicle in their office. These people are trying to do their job, trying to make the roads safe, who are working in very dangerous conditions," Hamilton said, which is why he's reminding everyone to be safe and pay attention to the orange signs and cones.

It’s all there for a reason: "We want to make sure everyone gets home safely."

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