PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Portland police are searching for a man who robbed a mother and daughter at gunpoint as they were walking back from a wedding early Sunday morning.

Officers told FOX 12 the pair left the Kennedy School and were walking back to their Airbnb when the suspect pulled the gun at them near the intersection of Northeast 33rd Avenue and Webster Street just after midnight.

The daughter, Kaile Jones, said they were just a block away from the house when the man approached them.

“It looked like he had a beanie on – he pulled it down and it was a ski mask, pulled out a gun and asked us for our bags,” Jones said.

Shock then gave way to instincts.

“I gave him my bag because I felt like that in that moment, my thought was my mom and myself, and I wanted to protect us,” Jones said.

“It almost seems like a dream because I never imagined something like that would happen,” she added.

The man got away with credit cards, cash, their driver’s licenses, two pairs of shoes and several other items.

The daughter’s mother, Dani Jones, was pushed down by the suspect as he grabbed her purse.

“I’ve been a little achy, like an elbow thing, side – I don’t know,” the elder Jones said. “At my age, you shouldn’t be thrown onto the sidewalk.”

It’s not the kind of souvenir you want to remember Portland and the robbery is certainly leaving a mark on the trip.

“I’m very angry and disappointed and sad – and it kind of ruins your whole time here,” Dani Jones said.

“We’d been told this is a safe area and I believe that it is a safe area, but I think what I’m taking from it is that I want to be more observant and aware and prepared for situations like that,” Kaile Jones said.

The mother’s purse was found empty in a yard several blocks away.

Police describe the suspect as a white man, about 5’ 5” tall, with a thin build and long brown hair.

Anyone who can help solve the case should contact the Portland Police Bureau.

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The police, in most cases cannot protect you. These two women were very lucky. The perp was a candidate to be shot by armed citizens with the proper training. Stay armed, stay vigilant.

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