WEST LINN, OR (KPTV) - Students at West Linn High School walked out of class Friday in protest of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) bullying they said is happening at the school.

They said they're also frustrated because the booster club selected a Chik-fil-A food truck for football games, a company that's supported groups that activists call anti-LGBTQ.

"This is an issue that matters because it is our safety, it is our lives, it is our education it is also our future," WLHS Gender & Sexuality Alliance Co-President, Susie Walters said.

West Linn Mayor Russ Axelrod, community members and parents cheered them on from across the street.

"I'm out here to support brave kids who have taken it upon themselves to pretty much educate each other and the school district about maybe their different genders and their different sexuality," parent, Olive Guajardo said.

Students and parents said they've seen a rise in bullying in the last several weeks, including incidents on social media and say one student's car was even vandalized as well.

They said following those incidents, they're not happy about the Chik-fil-A food truck coming to football games.

"We believe that it's not appropriate for first of all the truck to be here in the first place because of the homophobic and transphobic symbols they represent and fund but also because it didn't really go through the checks and balances of district," Walters said.

District Communications Director Andrew Kilstrom recognized that issue in an interview outside the school.

"What we learned this year is that we don't really have a defined process in selecting those food vendors," Kilstrom said. "Thankfully our students brought that to our attention and it's something we're actively looking into and we'll definitely look to implement in the future."

Kilstrom said the district is aware of some social media conversations.

He said it takes students' safety and bullying very seriously and will actively investigate those types of situations.

FOX 12 also noticed a couple dozen students who formed an opposing group, but they were kept away from FOX 12's cameras.

Chik-fil-A provided this statement in response to student and parent concerns:

Statement from Brian Davis, Franchise Operator, Chick-fil-A Clackamas Promenade:

Our restaurant strives to have a deep and meaningful connection with our local community, and we are disappointed to hear that having our food truck at West Linn High School football games was upsetting to some students. Our sole focus as a restaurant company is on providing great food with warm hospitality to everyone. We do not have a political or social agenda, and we hope the students will give us a chance and experience for themselves that Chick-fil-A embraces all people, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity.

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(9) comments


I’m so proud of these students for educating people older than themselves despite a wave of bullying and harassment. They deserve nothing less than our respect and admiration!


I’m proud of West Linn students who have gone above and beyond in educating others about the ongoing bullying and harassment they have faced. The Chick-Fil-A incident is not the only example of anti-LGBT activity at West Linn, and students are taking a huge, brave step in combatting anti-LGBT bullying that has been taking place. These students deserve nothing but our respect and support!

Leah B

Chick-fil-A sandwiches are good and have nothing to do with the alleged bullying that is going on at this school. The smart kids can see through this nonsense. I feel bad for the ones that are being applauded for taking this action.


What's wrong with Chik Filet? Thanks for slamming them. [thumbdown]


But, a LGBTQ food truck will be fine? Sad bunch of misguided protesters. Discrimination works both ways.

David Oregon

Suspend them all.


What a disgraceful, irresponsible and childish thing to do. The adults who cheered-on these children ought to be removed from positions of responsibility, because they are obviously not responsible themselves. People engaging in LGBTQ behavior have the same rights any of us do..what they do in their privacy is their business. No one has the right, however, to push their sexuality on others, and especially on children. So, where is the outrage for the fact that the rights of the vast majority are being infringed upon by these LGBTQ protests? Disgraceful, irresponsible and childish.


A big 'L' on every ignorant forehead.


Nice to see taxpayer funded schools being put to good use.

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