WEST LINN, OR (KPTV) - While the health crisis has devastated companies across the United States, there are some businesses growing in this new way of living, like those that were operating online before the pandemic.

Now that there’s even more time and a more available audience, online entertainers like TikTok influencers and Twitch streamers are benefiting, finding stay-at-home orders are bringing them closer to their communities.

“This is not just a job for me, it’s a hobby and a passion,” said Twitch streamer PR1MEJR, or Daniel Plotnick, who lives in West Linn. “So, to even get noticed, or have people support me, is really cool.”

FOX 12 met Plotnick last August, when his Twitch community gifted him colorblind glasses. He’s been at it for a little over a year now after his dad, the creator of Twitch Prime, encouraged him to try it out.

While Plotnick has grown his subscribers, which equals a profit in the Twitch world, money isn’t primarily why he does it. He’s built a community of friends who go online just to hang out.

Daniel Plotnick

Daniel Plotnick. KPTV photo.

“It’s very tough staying in quarantine for me 'cause I’m such a people person," Plotnick said. "I love hanging out with people. Board game nights are my thing, seeing my friends is my thing. But there’s something about Twitch that has helped me, kinda, through the quarantine, and I’m sure a lot of other people where you can get on someone’s channel, hang out with them and you can have that conversation with them.”

On the flip side of all this, there is a massive demand for internet bandwidth right now. Most people are working from home, and oftentimes the whole family is using the same WiFi network.

“I am direct connect ethernet, especially in the world of Twitch,” Plotnick said. “I don’t wanna rely on that internet connection. I wanna rely on a hard line.”

In order to successfully stream ten or more hours a day, Plotnick has to use an Ethernet connection, and says it’s a way for anyone having trouble to boost their speed.

A quality internet provider is also key, as is the location of the router. Your router should be centralized where you work and up off the floor.

Also, one of the most common problems people have is the number of devices connected; Check to make sure devices that aren’t being used are disconnected. Another way to boost your broadband speed is to upgrade. If you’ve had your router for a few years, you may want to replace it.

And if you feel like you’ve tried everything, sometimes switching providers may be the best solution.

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