CLATSOP COUNTY, Ore. (KPTV) - On Sunday, October 10, Susan Clark took her dog, Presley, outside like she always does.

“I turned around and said come on and said come on Presley and she was gone, vanished!” Clark said. “I looked and looked and looked everywhere.”

The 10-year-old Great Dane was nowhere to be found. Clark then got help from friends to find her dog but they still couldn’t find her. Presley was missing for nearly two days until a neighbor showed up with some good news.

Westport Fire & Rescue saves Great Dane

Image: Westport Fire & Rescue

“The neighbor came up and said is she wearing a coat? I said yeah, she said come with me I want to show you something,” Clark said “As soon as she heard my voice she started barking so I knew she was alive which was good.”

However, finding the dog was only the start of it, the pup had slipped down an embankment and couldn’t walk. Clark called Westport Fire & Rescue for help.

“They said you know we don’t rescue dogs and I begged him to please ask anybody he said okay, came back on the phone and he said what’s the address they’re going to be on their way,” she said.

The crew loaded Presley onto a stretcher and lifted her out.

Westport Fire & Rescue saves Great Dane

Image: Susan Clark

“Oh my gosh they were amazing and I feel so lucky that they didn’t turn me away and if anybody needed any type of rescue I definitely would call them they’re awesome,” Clark said. “It was a lot of relief as soon as they got her into my rig and the one lady that’s vet tech, she told me Sue, she’s going to be okay, and that made me feel really good.”

Presley was seen by a veterinarian and is expected to be okay and is now recovering at home.

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