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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – With the $600 boost in federal unemployment benefits ending on Friday, many people are wondering what they can do to supplement their aid.

The Oregon Employment Department’s director last week said he knows how much Oregonians have been counting on the extra $600 per week. He said if you need extra help, to call 211 to learn about what you might qualify for.

The employment department says every Oregonian who was eligible for regular unemployment benefits or Pandemic Unemployment Assistance benefits between March 29 and July 25 is also eligible for the extra $600 per week during that period.

When you file a claim after July 25, the employment department says you will still get your regular unemployment benefits or Pandemic Unemployment Assistance for each week you are eligible and if you file a weekly claim.  But you will no longer receive an extra $600 per week. The employment department says if you haven’t been paid between March 29 through July 25, you will still get the extra $600 per week once your claim is processed for all weeks you were eligible.

FOX 12 spoke with several Oregonians earlier this month on how this will impact them, including Angela Taylor, a hair stylist who says she can’t continue to do hair because of current restrictions. Without the $600, she says she will be left with just $133 a week for her and her three kids.

“There’s no way, and I can’t make the money in my salon I was making, and that’s my biggest issue, I don’t mind going back to work, but the government is telling me I can only work in their parameters, and that’s not going to work,” Taylor said. “Now that’s going to go away and I can’t live like that. I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

Sen. Ron Wyden said in a briefing on Friday that he will be working hard the next few days on the big economic issues for Oregonians in the coronavirus relief package, focusing on the extra $600 per week and Medicaid.

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(7) comments


Amazon is hiring. Isnt that the company liberals love? $15/hr no resume needed.


Too bad. Get a job, there are plenty out there. I did not realize, this is additional to unemployment insurance? No wonder no one needs/wants to work. Sure hope they are taking out the taxes. Oh, I'm sure Kate will forgive on this issue when it comes up. This country is going to go broke if this sort of thing continues.

Husky Loyalist

Gosh, ending handouts that result in making more money by being a slug rather than a productive member of society. The horror!


reminder: covid didnt shut us down, our elected officials did. this is all politics all designed to make people miserable and dependent on democrat handouts. expect it to get worse


Maybe they can get anxiety disorder money.


I guess Kate will have to put her political agenda aside, show some leadership and get the state back to work.

Son of Squib

Hahaha - good one

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