PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – A woman was arrested Sunday morning for setting series of fires in East Portland, according to police.

Portland Fire & Rescue responded to over a dozen fires that were set within several blocks of Southeast 160th and East Burnside.

PF&R said there was a dumpster fire that spread to a carport and threatened a home, two other building fires, another car fire, a fire involving a homeless camp, two dumpster fires at an apartment complex, two garbage bin fires and a mailbox fire.

No one was injured in any of the fires, according to PF&R.

Portland Police Bureau officers arrested Sierra Nicole Murdock in the area of Southeast 147th Avenue and East Burnside Street on an unrelated crime. Murdock was later charged with two counts of Arson I with several more anticipated to be added as the investigation continues.

Murdock was arrested in May for setting two cars on fire in Southeast Portland.

Anyone with additional information about the fires are asked to contact Portland Fire and Rescue Lt. Jason Andersen at 503-823-3787 or the Tip Line: 503-823-INFO.

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(19) comments

Frederick Fukov

Yeah, I got some "additional information." Baby girl be trippin' yo. And here's some more "additional information." Call Mayflower, or get a U-Haul, and get the heII outta Portland before there's a full on zombie pandemic. This place has become a spawning ground for the undead.


Just another day in East Portland.


That mugshot certainly looks like a dude this it needs to serve some serious time for all these felonies it committed!!

Frederick Fukov

Yeah, maybe when the police are no more, and they're replaced by the Neighborhood Response Teams, part of her tax payer funded rehabilitation and transition process will include community service at Glamour Shots.

Frederick Fukov

"THEY" Janni..please refer to "it," as "THEY." Guyeeee..


Why was she on the street?????? OH! Portland, OR home of the way-loony left ever since vote by mail! Portland leans SO far to the left, it's capsizing to port!!


She's black, she's innocent. If you disagree you are a racist pig. Don't believe me, just look at what's happening in this country. Civil war is coming.


When I lived in Republican Portland all of the homeless bums and hippie warriors were rounded up by police to pick berries and beans on Fuji and Sturms Berry Farms in East Gresham Crime was rare in Republican Portland where trouble makers were held accountable for their Wheeler Brown actions I danced on the stage of the Oriental Theatre for 8 years. Timeless and Talented. I VOTED IN PERSON TRUMP 2020







Frederick Fukov

For 8 years? Geez, I hope you were able to take breaks now and then. I mean, I've heard of those things called "Dance Marathons," but 8 years is ridiculous. Oh, and btw, could you please..in the future, when talking about the past, please refer to the "Oriental" Theatre as the "Asian American Theatre?" Thank you.

Erik Erlow Eeckhart

I should not be surprised she has a prior rap sheet, nor surprised she was walking free either, keep it weird


That's a woman?? "I Hate the Police" Hardesty's distant cousin?


My thoughts exactly.


Since she was arrested for setting two cars on fire back in May, can we assume that she WON’T be released on her own recognizance?

Just kidding! It’s Multnomah County - she’ll be released with a stern warning to never, ever do that again. And then, when she starts a fire that kills someone, she’ll get probation.

Frederick Fukov

I sense..ya know..sarcasm.

William R

That's a woman? No wonder she's setting fires.


Set her hair on fire to show her how much pain and suffering a fire can cause.

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