Henry the labrador

Henry the Labrador (I Paw’d It Forward)

VANCOUVER, WA (KPTV) –A women caught on video abandoning her dog in a Vancouver park on Thursday has been identified and cited for animal cruelty, according to Clark County Animal Protection and Control on Saturday.

In the video posted by I Paw’d It Forward, a woman is seen driving up and parking her car, then as she jumps out so does her dog. She is then seen walking the dog into the woods at Orchards Park in Vancouver, turns around and runs back to her car without the dog.

The woman in the video was identified and interviewed by animal control officers on Saturday, according to the program manager but did not disclose her name to the media. She cooperated with authorities and officially surrendered the 13-year-old yellow Labrador named Henry to animal control.

The Humane Society for Southwest Washington advises anyone interested in adopting Henry should keep an eye on their website.

Clark County Animal Protection and Control appreciates the tips provided by the public and reminds struggling pet owners that there are resources available to them. Any pet owner who needs assistance with veterinary care, pet food, behavioral issues, or rehoming is encouraged to start with their local humane society.

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Glad that they caught her but whatever the fine was I still would bet that it wasn't enough. Rotten person to dump her 13 year old dog like he was trash. I hope that he goes to a good lovingly home to live out his days.


Good outcome. One of the reasons she may not have turned the dog in is that, according to the media, they charge $75.00.


very sad she would do that, i hope this good boy gets a new home


Why not disclose the name? Must be related to Wheeler, Brown or Hardesty.

Just curious

You got the state wrong. This happened in Vancouver, Washington

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