PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – FOX 12's Most Wanted is still on the loose after hitting a woman with a car in the St. Johns neighborhood and then taking off. Family members say the victim’s skull is fractured and she has injuries to her spine, several broken bones and missing teeth.

Police are investigating the hit-and-run that happened Sunday evening around 6 p.m. at North Interstate Avenue and Lombard Street.

Family members say 46-year-old Manuela Chavez was near a MAX stop when someone hit her and took off after her body hit the pavement after being dragged by the vehicle.

Her 18-year-old Fernando Ruacho Chavez was getting off work at the time from a nearby Fred Meyer.

Woman left with fractured skull and other injuries after being hit by vehicle in north Portland

Image: KPTV

“I got a call from who I thought was my mom but it was this lady, she said I don’t know if you are the son or husband or anything, but your mom got hit by a car,” said Ruacho Chavez.

“I went running to where she was at and I saw her on the floor, bleeding and unconscious,” he added.

Ruacho Chavez told FOX 12 his mother is the center of the family, a hard worker who takes on three different cleaning jobs to provide for her family.

Since the hit-and run, Chavez's husband has been by her side in the hospital.

The good news, said Ruacho Chavez, is that his mom has been able to talk some and told her husband she’s in a lot of pain.

The family says the heartbreak, the stress and financial toll of hospital bills are overwhelming, but most of all they just want answers and accountability.

“It’s just really hard everyone is just really worried for my mom,” Ruacho Chavez said. “We just want to find the suspect who did it and get justice for my mom.”

The family has set up a GoFundMe for medical expenses because Chavez doesn’t have health insurance.

Police are still looking for the suspect and asking anyone with information to come forward.

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