BEAVERTON, OR (KPTV) - A woman has her son back, after a thief stole her car with the child inside.

Police responded to a business on the 11900 block of Southwest Canyon Road at around 9 a.m. Saturday.

A woman said she went into Basics Meat Market to quickly grab a couple of items, and left her 4-year-old son in the car with the engine running.

While she was inside the store, a man got into the car and drove off.

The woman told FOX 12 the man then drove back to the market and yelled at her, threatening to call the police because she left her son in the car. The man ordered her to get her son out of the car, and then he drove off again.

“As moms we get really busy and we think we’re just running in for a second and this is just a perfect example of just letting our guards down and how terribly it could have ended, so I’m just thankful that he’s OK and it was so stupid and I’ll never do that again, but it’s that split second decision that could just change everything,” the woman told FOX 12 on Saturday.

She said the boy was not harmed during the ordeal.

Woman’s car stolen with child inside in Beaverton; thief brought back the boy, then drove off again

Image: KPTV

Police are looking for the suspect and the vehicle. The suspect is described as a white man in his 20s or 30s with dark brown braided hair. The car is a 2013 silver Honda Pilot with Oregon plates 357GLV. Anyone with information is asked to call Beaverton police.

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Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Oh boy, here's the excuse; "As moms, we're really" So what? Like dads aren't busy too? But that's the eternal female double standard that's almost as annoying and absurd as everything the radical left are doing right now. Lady, you left your 4 year son in the car unlocked, and the motor running. There's NO excuse for that, and no, it's not just "stupid," it's called parental negligence. And if your husband had done that just to..ya in and buy some milk, there would have been heII to pay..and you know it. But you got your "As a mom..we're busy" disclaimer in there, so good for you.


Wow a subject description.


Who said Potlanders don’t have manners?

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