Police say a suspect ripped off a woman’s gym bag in Vancouver and got away with a very sentimental gift.

The thief probably thought she was just taking a wallet and other basic items, but there was a very special ring in that bag.

The incident happened last week to Bailey McElveny when she went to the Planet Fitness location on Mill Plain Boulevard.

McElveny set her bag down in an open locker for a second while she went to the bathroom, and that’s when the suspect took it.

Investigators said the suspect used McElveny’s debit card just minutes later at a nearby gas station.

McElveny said she is most upset about a diamond and sapphire ring that was in the bag, a gift from her boyfriend Logan who is currently serving in Afghanistan.

He just mailed it to McElveny a couple weeks ago, and she is devastated by the loss.

“My driver’s license and debit card were stolen out of there too, but I don’t even care about any of the other stuff that was stolen. I literally just want my ring back,” McElveny told FOX 12. “It’s just so frustrating that people just feel the need to get into someone’s stuff. It’s like violating your privacy.”

Anyone with information that can help catch the suspect in this case is asked to call the Vancouver Police Department.

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