An alert driver saved a driver's life along the Oregon California border near page mountain snow park.

It's clear, Laurie Bowers of Happy Camp, California is a happy woman.

On Saturday, she was especially excited.

“I was going to have lunch with my daughter in Cave Junction,” Bowers said.

But about a mile away from crossing into Oregon,

“I come upon some tracks going over the mountain over the cliff there and I drove down there a little ways and I thought, well maybe I better go back so I went back and pulled over and got out of my vehicle looked over and when I looked over a Jeep was down over the mountain

The Jeep was dangling 1,000 feet above a ravine

“I was like ‘omg there is somebody in the vehicle’ and I called 911 and just reassured the guy that I had help on its way and to stay calm as much as he could,” Bowers said.

He had been stuck since two in the morning, totaling eight hours.

“He had told the EMT people that he thought he was going to die,” Bowers said.

Medics said he was hypothermic and had a badly fractured leg.

Crews used a rope system to get him out then a helicopter took him to the hospital.

EMT's said she was lucky to spot him.

“This is a small town so everyone is calling me a big hero because I saved a guy's life,” she said.

Bowers has got a great attitude about the scary situation, but she does have a message to other drivers.

“There have been several vehicles that had passed by those tracks just be more alert to what's going on when you are on these mountain roads especially early in the morning, because people travel late at night and you know good thing I saw the tracks when I did see them or he could have been there for days,” she said.

Bowers has been trying to connect with the driver who she said was still in the hospital as of Monday.

She hopes to one day meet him.

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