William James Wimberly Jr.

William James Wimberly Jr., booking photo (Courtesy: Multnomah County Jail)

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – A man accused of inappropriately touching himself at a spa in northeast Portland has a history of similar behavior.

William Wimberly Junior was arrested last month for two encounters just days apart. He is facing felony public indecency charges, according to court documents.

Common Ground Wellness Co-op is now facing a lawsuit of their own in connection with the alleged incidents.

The lawsuit claims that in December 2019, Wimberly walked into one of the rooms at the sauna and began inappropriately touching himself in front of one of the women. The woman complained to staff, but no police report was filed, the lawsuit says.

The suit says Wimberly came back to Common Ground Wellness Co-op two days later and did the same thing to another woman. That’s when the sauna called police and Wimberly was arrested, the suit states.

According to court documents, Wimberly had a membership at Common Grounds Wellness at the time of the alleged incidents.

Wimberly had been recently released from jail on another charge of public indecency. In that case, he’s accused of putting bodily fluids on a woman in a northeast Portland bookstore in 2019.

In 2017, Wimberly was caught on camera touching himself while walking through the aisles of a southeast Portland baby store.

The lawsuit was filed this week and claims Common Grounds Wellness didn't do enough to keep Wimberly out of the business. The two women are  seeking half a million dollars.  Common Grounds Wellness says it is not providing comment on the lawsuit.

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Common Grounds, It's a wonderful facility and I am saddened both at the women's experiences, but also that they feel the need to sue the facility.

I think Common Grounds and Everett House, aspects of classic Portland will be ending soon.


Looking for some "free" money.


Money Grubbing. As though every person who dares to start a business must first obtain a degree in moral safety, as well as general public safety for any type of possible situation that anyone can dream up. I have news for these plaintiffs. Under current conditions of law enforcement in and around the City of Portland, which has been occurring for the better part of a year now, it is unlikely police would respond to a call of a guy rubbing one out in the presence of one or two, or even an entire group of adult females. That would be considered a Very Low priority. Now, if it was to involve minor children, that fact alone would raise it to a priority two probably, but still wouldn't make it a priority one call until bodily fluids were transferred. That is just the reality in Portland today. It isn't a good, dependable, nor even reliable situation which the community is dealing with in regards to calls for LE services. I listen to my scanner daily and I hear LE supervisors overriding dispatchers who try to send caps to various calls, which results in more then just significant delays in officers actually showing up to a call, but often, the supervisors will request that specific calls be "taken off the board". Meaning that they are just deleted from the system of pending calls. And No LE are ever dispatched to those calls. Now that may seem unrealistic and ridiculous , but that is the reality in Portland today. I'm of the opinion that these plaintiffs would be better off, more likely to succeed if they'd sued the city and PPB rather then this business.


OH! My eyes! That must be worth a buck or two eh?

William R

He sounds nice /S

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