SALEM, OR (KPTV) - Dash camera video caught frightening moments from I-5 in Salem over the weekend as a wrong way driver barreled down the interstate, forcing other drivers to swerve out of the way.

Crystal Williams, of Tualatin, says she was headed home after work early Saturday morning when the incident occurred.

“I had just gotten off work, after working a 12-hour shift,” Williams said.

She was approaching the Portland Road exit when headlights were speeding toward her in her lane. She says she had four seconds to react and had to swerve to miss the oncoming driver.

“I was terrified, I was shaking,” Williams said.

In the seconds that followed she pulled over and called 911.

“They asked me if it was a red Honda, and I told them I don’t know what color that car was, all I saw was headlights coming at me,” Williams said.

She wasn’t the only driver to report the wrong way driver. Salem police say several people called to report a 2001 Maroon Honda Accord was headed in the wrong direction.

Police say the driver, Esteban Ramirez-Diaz, 24, of Salem, was arrested. He was charged with DUII, reckless driving and failure to carry and present a license. Salem Police say Ramirez-Diaz was taken to Salem Health for an evaluation due to his intoxication levels.

“It is scary, because if I wouldn’t have reacted as fast as I did, he would have hit me,” Williams said. “There are so many options to not drive drunk, there is Uber, there is Lyft, there are taxis, there is no reason people should be getting in a car.”

Ramirez-Diaz is scheduled to appear in court Sept. 16.

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(4) comments


If anyone knows the idiot operating a radar that has a map displaying objects in motion and utters the phrase "Dont take this the wrong way, it's a one way street." Over their radio, make sure to remind them that they are human garbage.


Merlin, that's quite a stretch to find the 'positive' in this guys 'bad acts'. HE ALMOST KILLED PEOPLE! Oh wait, he gets to live too. So there you go. He must be your friend or something.


At least the driver, Esteban Ramirez-Diaz has a driver’s license...thanks Kate.


What makes you think he had a license. I am willing to bet he did not !! The illegals drive all the time without licenses, insurance, and while under the influence. They never seem to get the same sentences for driving infractions that others get. System favors them. If they do look like they are going to get a stiff sentence they just flee to Mexico

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