A 12-year-old boy was left in the street, bruised and bleeding after a vehicle hit him and took off.

The incident happened at the intersection of Southeast Geary Street and Santiam Road Southeast in Albany late Monday.

Kirk Miller and his son Tyler were at a skate park before the incident happened.

"I bought him a skateboard when he was born," said Kirk.

When it was time to leave, the father-duo parted ways. In the 10 minutes it took Kirk to get home, Tyler found himself lying in the middle of the street.

"His mom called me and said he got hit by a car. And so I sped over there and when I came around the corner, he was laying there not moving and I thought the worst, you know, I thought the worst," said Kirk.

Kirk says Tyler was walking in a crosswalk and was about five feet away from the curb when he was hit. Neighbors saw what happened and called 911. Meanwhile, Kirk's son who knows the rules of the road was helpless.

"He was screaming, he thought he broke his legs, I did too," Kirk said.

Within the last 72 hours, Kirk says Tyler has been resting and regaining his strength to get back on his skateboard.

Witnesses described the responsible vehicle as a white boxy SUV, possibly a Jeep Cherokee. On Thursday morning, police said they had identified and contacted the 23-year-old driver who lives in Lake Oswego.

The Linn County District Attorney's Office is reviewing the case for consideration of possible criminal charges.

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