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(KPTV) - An 85-year-old Portland based company announced that it will reduce its workforce by 40 percent at its Forest Grove sawmill resulting in the loss of 60 family-wage jobs.

The owner of Stimson Lumber, Andrew Miller, said that the rising cost of doing business in Oregon has forced it to shift operations to Idaho and Montana.

"Stimson Lumber has over a hundred years of history in Oregon, providing family-wage jobs, investing in local communities and adding to the culture of our state," Miller stated. "It breaks my heart that due to the rising cost of doing business in Oregon, our company is forced to shift operations to states like Idaho and Montana, where the cost to produce lumber products is 5 to 7% less than in Oregon," Miller added.

You may recognize the name of the company especially because it has provided the Christmas tree to Pioneer Courthouse Square for many years.

Stimson Lumber currently operates in Tillamook, Clatskanie and Forest Grove. 

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Stu Y

The headline “85-year-old sawmill company in Forest Grove announces closure resulting in the loss of 60 jobs” seems a little deceiving. Stinson Lumber Co. is not just closing the Oregon facility, they are moving production to the more business friendly states of Iowa and Wyoming. So I assume there will be a similar number of jobs created.
So a more accurate headline might be “Oregon’s high cost of doing business forces an 85 year old Oregon business to relocate to more business friendly states”


There will be more to come as far as businesses leaving Oregon, due to the incredible new tax burden being added to businesses. This sales tax is just one of many obstacles for business in Oregon. When these jobs leave, do you supposed all of the revenue they put into the community will suddenly be made up by a new business? No! When the people leave to go where the work is do you think that income tax revenue will magically be replaced by 3 minimum wage jobs? Tax and Spend... until there is no one left to pay the bills.

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