8-year-old survivor reaches out to tell story of gruesome attack that killed 4 people

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CLACKAMAS COUNTY, OR (KPTV) - The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office says deputies shot and killed a man who they say killed four people at a house on South Barlow Rd. Near Highway 211 around 10:15 p.m. on Saturday.

As family members of the victims try to piece together the motive for this gruesome attack, the family of the youngest survivor is speaking out.

Jason Grimm, his mother, and the 8-year-old survivor reached out to FOX 12 Sunday night, wanting to share the little girl’s story.

“Every time I dream at night, I can’t stop thinking about my mommy,” said 8-year-old Hailey, sitting alongside her father and grandmother. “She was the best mommy ever.”

Hailey lost her mother, Sweitzer, and her 9-month-old sister, Olivia.

“It was heart-wrenching. I was in the middle of making breakfast [Sunday] morning, and my son told me the news and I couldn’t stop crying. It’s just horrific, a horrific thing to happen, and my heart just breaks for all of the victims,” said Debi Barry, Hailey’s grandmother. 

The 8-year-old says 42-year-old Mark Gago was speaking in riddles and had his hands on her neck. Shortly after, she said deputies found her.

“Then when they came in my room. He yelled, ‘No!’” said Hailey. 

Investigators say that's when they shot and killed Gago.

“Police officers, if you’re watching this, thank you,” said Hailey.

Despite the heartache, Hailey wants the community to know she is going to be okay. She says her mother is now her guardian angel.

“I think I’m strong because of my mommy as an angel in heaven. I think she’s gonna be my angel,” Hailey told FOX 12. “I miss my mommy and Olivia a lot. And the last time I saw my mommy is when she said ‘I love you.’”

Grimm, Hailey’s father, tells FOX 12 she is going to be living with him in the Tacoma, Washington area and will have a lot of support while she continues to recover.

A GoFundMe has been set up for Hailey

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I agree with the comments above. Very poor reporting. If the father and grandmother didn't have the sense to not allow this, the reporter should have. This is a very young child who doesn't have the tools to process this trauma and by allowing this it is exploiting her. Shame on KPTV.


As someone who has lost a parent in a similar way I must say that everyone grieves differently. My dad had 6 kids and none of us grieves his death the same way. I was much more open about I% and actually enjoyed talking about my dad. Even about the manner in which he was taken from us so I would have to disagree with you guys sometimes talking about it is much more healthier then being sheltered from it. Death is something that is never easy for anyone to accept i think this little girl is doing what a lot of us find so hard to do by embracing it and moving forward and with the right support I think she will be just fine


This is disgusting and irresponsible reporting. This poor girl needs protected not exploited. This makes me so angry and sad.


I posted something similar and they deleted it.


I agree, she's far too young and it's only been 1 day since she lost her family. She should be shielded from the media and be talking only to family and some good therapists, she's going to need that help to process what's happened.

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