MARION COUNTY, OR (KPTV) - Many people are anxiously awaiting a return home after being forced to evacuate due to wildfires, especially people living in Detroit and Idanha, which are still under Level 3 evacuations.

Video from a Detroit firefighter shows why it's still too dangerous to lower evacuation levels as crews continue to make progress on the Beachie Creek Fire.

Don Tesdal says he shot the video to show people why some areas in Detroit and Idanha are still under Level 3 evacuations, with his footage showing places where the fire still lurks underground.

“The reason why people can’t come out here is because these smolders are continuing on, they’re catching root systems and they’re just gonna keep burning and burning," Tesdal said. “Not cool. You do not want to fall into something like this. You do not want to fall in that. This is everywhere.”

Candy Ramos lives in Idanha and still can't return home. Ramos says she understands its dangerous, but says it is hard not being able to check on things.

“We’re all just wanting to go home and clean our fridges out, so we’re just hoping that they can get us that opportunity, because like I said, there’s lots of rotting food out there and then our animals are out there not getting any food or water, and that’s all we really wanna do is go and do that," Ramos said.

 To get to her house in Idanha, Ramos has to drive through Detroit.

“We’re still trying to save houses, there’s still plenty we’re saving up here and it’s still plenty dangerous," Tesdal said.

Fires in the area are sometimes burning at temperatures above one-thousand degrees, according to fire authorities.

“You’ve got a 1200-degree fire going on next to somebody’s house and this can just spread,” Tesdal said.

Ramos says she believes her home is still in tact, but she doesn't know if there's been any smoke damage done to it.

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'You do not want to fall into this': Firefighter shares video of fire underground in Detroit' The Centralia mine fire has been burning underground since 1962.

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