ESTACADA, OR (KPTV) - People in Clackamas County have posted signs threatening looters in fire zones.

Clackamas County has been devastated by the Riverside Fire, with all county residents under some sort of evacuation level this week.

Towns including Estacada and Colton remained under Level 3 evacuation orders – meaning “go now” – on Saturday.

In those towns, people posted signs threatening possible looters and arsonists. Some signs say, “Looters will be shot” and “Home and Armed U loot we shoot.”

Clackamas County deputies confirmed Saturday they have made two theft-related arrests in the fire zones, one in Mulino and another in the eastern portion of the county. 

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(18) comments


No warnings are given in our neighborhood, loot and see what happens. Your remains will be recycled. :-O


Those signs are NOT threats, they are promises.

Somebody asked me if it was right to shoot somebody over a TV set?

and my response was "is it right for somebody to risk their live over a TV set"?

Play stupid games/get stupid prizes


We have all heard about secret government or super-government activities which can control the weather. Harp, or whatever. So why don't they bring a little rain to the west coast and other burning areas? Is it like with the hydroxychloroquine in some areas, as in Australia where it is banned? Would rather thousands die so that the black ops agencies do not tip their hand, are not found out to be manipulators?


but if THEY were the ones that started the fires.... they wouldn't WANT them out just yet.

Erik Erlow Eeckhart

In Portland they loot and the city don't give a hoot


It's about time. The anti-Trump mayors and governors sent a clear message to looters and rioters (a.k.a. BLM and Antifa), in the words of Nacy Pelosi: "People do what they do" - go ahead, we got your back. They tied the hands of the police. Now, it is about time someone sends a message they may understand. Thank you for those warnings. It is only fair.

Delta Bravo

It is not a "threat" to protect your property and material things. It is a notification to criminals that their actions have consequences outside of Portland.

William R

I have not gone to Portland since ICU Skate Company stopped skate nights at the Memorial Coliseum. Thru or by Portland only.. Yes we left Portland in 1964 when I was 10, my Mom was a Prof at PSC,, err PSU


The people protecting their homes and livelihood have a right to protect themselves from looters. Never mind the Antifa that is trying their best to destroy a way of life that has been working for generations. Shame on the liberal crazies trying to destroy a way of life that all people (black, brown, yellow, or any color) have tried to have the "American Dream".

Mr Q

Remember kiddies... if you are committing a CRIMINAL action the CITIZENS of the USA, you know those that are NOT leftists, democrats, blm/antifa, etc, will defend themselves, their friends, those around them that they do not even know... so just imagine what they will do to stop CRIMINALS.....😉

Mr Q

Remember kiddies ... if you are looting and destroying property outside of your Democrat/BLM/Antifa controlled areas, the real CITIZENS of the USA will end you For your violent and anti American actions

Roberto Estrello Demar

It makes perfect sense to me.


Come on out you liberals to our territory and see what happens! No Antifa they said started these fires.... By the way our Governor is on Antifa;s side she'll protect you guys!


Interesting use of the word: "threaten." I'd say it's more like a Warning.

Mr Q

it involves those evil guns so therefore it’s threatening .... as opposed to just stating facts... 😉


We need these people in Portland during the riots. Things would quiet down in short order if a few dozen or more protesters were shot.


No, situation would intensify even further.


You're so right except we're stuck with the stupidest (Democratic) Politicians in America!

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