Police in The Dalles are trying to track down a suspected thief after a break-in over the Memorial Day weekend. They say someone made off with a safe with collectible coins and other valuables inside.

The heist happened sometime on Sunday of the Memorial Day Weekend at Columbia Gorge Affordable Housing’s office. Owner J.R. Pullen said when he arrived for work Tuesday the back door had been busted down and the place had been ransacked.

“Broke out the whole frame, pushed the whole frame inside,” Pullen said.

He adds whoever broke in smeared food on the walls and left the place a mess, that is before they swiped a safe in the back office.

“You really feel violated when you are broken into and people take your things,” Pullen said. “They broke through the wall here and eventually got the safe out of here.”

What’s so tough about all this were the things inside the safe. A rare coin collection, some jewelry that had been passed down to him from his dad.

“The sentimental part is the worst part you know,” Pullen said, “you can’t replace those items, everything else you can replace, but the sentimental side is bad. Emotionally it was gut-wrenching.”

Police said a pick-up truck was also taken from the property, along with a Home Depot credit card.

The mystery behind who would break in deepened after one of the credit cards stolen from the property was used at a Home Depot in the Portland area.

Police said surveillance video from the store showed a man using the car.

“Nobody knows this guy, we know a lot of people in this area, it’s a small area, and nobody has seen him, the police have never seen the guy before,” Pullen said.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact The Dalles police.

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