An abandoned motor home in northeast Vancouver is causing concern for nearby residents, who say the vehicle is inviting crime into the neighborhood.

Bradley Lebow, a resident that lives across the street from the dated recreational vehicle, says it first appeared in the neighborhood in January.

“It’s just something that’s an eyesore,” Lebow says. “It’s hurting our property values.”

He says he sees what he believes to be suspicious transactions, possibly involving drugs, occur at the RV daily. He also says there are frequent disruptive noises that come from the RV.

To make matters worse, the RV lost its wheels a few weeks ago, and now sits atop wooden blocks.

Lebow and other resident say they have been calling code enforcement for months and have reported the vehicle several times. Code enforcement, however, has not removed the RV.

In the past, city and local law enforcement have acknowledged the vehicles in numerous neighborhoods as problems, referring to them as “zombie RVs”.

Tow companies tasked with removing the motor homes don’t make much money from it, officials say, and don’t want the vehicle for parts.

The city says that in some cases, they have contracts with tow companies to remove the vehicles, but that getting the vehicles seems to fall to the bottom of the contracted company’s priority list.

For Lebow, he’s still holding out hope–he says the mayor has promised to remove the RV in May.

Lebow and his neighbors say they are looking forward to the vehicle’s extraction and hope the city follows through.

“Some people may look at it as just a motor home,” Lebow said. “It is more than that. It is something that is attracting crime and I think the mayor has now spoke about it … maybe she is feeling our pain.”

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