PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – The City of Portland is seeing an alarming increase in gun violence, according to new numbers from the Portland Police Bureau.

The bureau is reporting almost four times as many shootings in the first couple weeks of July compared to the same time period last year.

The numbers are separate from the ongoing protests, law enforcement says. Police Chief Chuck Lovell says they’re talking about shootings across all parts of the city and cases of domestic violence.

According to PPB, there have been 42 shootings in Portland in the first 12 days of July, compared to 11 in that same time frame last year.

Portland sees increase in gun violence

KPTV image.

Last week, police say five people were killed in a span of 24 hours, including 18-year-old Shai-India Harris, who was shot near Southeast 84th and Flavel. Family members said the shooting occurred after Harris had an argument with her boyfriend.

Lovell on Monday called the recent violence staggering and said the bureau has had tog et creative to stay on top of each case after losing the Gun Violence Reduction Team.

“We’ve had to re resource our folks because of the loss of the GVRT, but I want to assure you that these cases are still important and being investigated,” Lovell said. “We’re having to rely a little bit more heavily on patrol.”

Lovell said there doesn’t seem to be a clear reason for the spike in violence.

Lovell and Mayor Ted Wheeler are calling on the community for help. Anyone with information about any recent crimes is asked to contact Portland police.

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(5) comments


Liberal polices for too many years.... the attitude of the democrats in allowing the violent protest , burning and looting all contribute to what is happening....The mandated lock down with many unemployed.... all part of the plan to cause unrest and riots to try to get Trump out ......


Asking for help? You mean like when we asked for help; getting the vandals off our streets, protecting our businesses, property, and selves ?? Get the "targets" off the streets, stop dropping charges against those arrested, then, get back to us.


The Chief could ask Jo Ann Hardesty. I’m sure she would be a lot of help.

pb sir

Oh, good grief... you're asking us for help, now? What do we pay taxes for, anyway? Is it too much to ask of our Mayor and City Council to not needlessly cut resources that would help to prevent these crimes from occurring in then first place?

Roberto Estrello Demar

The increase in "gun violence" is not due to an increase in the number of guns out there. At any time in the last century we had enough guns in town to decimate the population and make the streets run deep in blood. The questions are: Who is doing the shooting? What has changed over the years? and ... What has wrought those changes? Those questions, if answered honestly, may bring to the surface some very simple but unpopular facts. Without addressing roots and reasons, even though they may show us blunders that are dearly held by our "community leaders," we are stumbling along blindly. We are just wasting lives and resources.

I predict more of the same, blaming the wrong things and trying to revolutionize a culture that was once so much more peaceful.

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