Rayquan Lyons

Rayquan Lyons

NASHVILLE (WSMV) - A man is facing several charges including aggravated assault and for violating an order of protection against his ex-girlfriend after investigators said he brutally beat her inside her home.

Rayquan Markell Lyons was arrested Friday for the incident which occurred in January.

Officers responded to Nashville General Hospital on Sunday, January 27 after receiving a call from nursing staff who advised that the victim had arrived at the hospital with obvious signs of injury sustained from her ex-boyfriend, Rayquan Markell Lyons. Investigators spoke with the victim who they said had obvious swelling and redness to her left eye, nose, and forehead. She also had bruises on the back of her right shoulder and a cut running along her right forearm.

The victim told investigators that she was at Paul's Market on Jefferson Street around midnight when she was approached by Lyons, whom she has an order of protection against. An argument between the two occurred when she refused to come home with Lyons.

The victim then left and went back to her home on Jackson Street when a short time later she heard a knock on the front door. The victim's cousin opened the door and Lyons pushed past, going upstairs to the victim's bedroom.

An argument ensued again between the victim and Lyons. Lyons reportedly threw a phone at the victim and began smacking, kicking and punching her, and knocked her to the ground. The victim yelled for her cousin to call the police.

In a frenzy to escape, the victim fell down the stairs and tried to get to the kitchen when Lyons took a small pistol from his waist band and pointed it at her. While brandishing the pistol, Lyons reportedly threatened the victim, "I'm gonna pop you [expletive]." The victim tried to hide behind the refrigerator, when Lyons hid the pistol back in his waist band and continued to beat her.

The victim was able to bite his shoulder and break free from his grip, and she ran out the back door.

Lyons is charged with especially aggravated robbery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and for a violation of an order of protection.

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