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(Meredith) – Multiple police departments are banning all criminal activity as millions of Americans brace for dangerously low temperatures this week. 

In Illinois, the Westchester Police Department posted a comical message to its Facebook page telling local crooks to stay at home because "it's too cold to commit crimes." The post included a forecast chart showing temperatures as low as minus-20 degrees.

“Due to the extreme cold and wind, the Westchester Police Department is canceling all misdemeanor and felony criminal activities,” the post read. “Criminals, please take note, it is too cold to commit crimes."

Apparently, Elsa didn't get the memo. A viral photo shows officers in McLean, Illinois, "arresting" the "Frozen" star for the cold weather on Tuesday.

The McLean Police Department wrote on Facebook: "Due to the EXTREME COLD weather, all criminal activity and acts of stupidity and foolishness has been cancelled. Even Elsa has been placed under arrest with NO BOND until further notice."

Another police department in Warrensburg, Missouri, issued a similar advisory on its Facebook page:

"So...we are asking a favor (at least for the next three days); can you keep the criminalling to a minimum? It is REALLY cold yourself (and us) a favor...stay inside. Be nice to each other, watch reruns of Say Yes to the Dress (we hear from the firefighters that it's a really good show). Mmmmkay, thanks!"

About 220 million people will endure below-freezing temperatures this week as the Midwest faces a deadly arctic deep freeze.

Governors in Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan declared emergencies as the worst of the cold threatened on Wednesday. 

At least four deaths were linked to the weather system, including a man struck and killed by a snow plow in the Chicago area, a young couple whose SUV struck another on a snowy road in northern Indiana and a Milwaukee man found frozen to death in a garage.

The bitter cold is the result of a split in the polar vortex that allowed temperatures to plunge much further than usual. 

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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