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Chuck Glisson

Portland CAN'T be a "Safe Haven" for every Bum who does NOT want to "Work" and would rather be "Strung Out" on DRUGS all day.

If the Police & the City don't "Fix" it, then it will "Morph" to a point that it WILL get "Fixed" by other means. I don't think the "City" will LIKE that.


I suggest the homeless move 25 miles south to Canby Oregon. There's a bus and lots of services, churches, places to camp near big stores

Chuck Glisson

Why don't you tell all the residents in "Canby" what you just suggested, after THAT you had better move out of town


Seriously, what do people expect? The homeless are harassed downtown by cops who tell them to move, they have no where to go, so out in the suburbs they don't have cops telling them to move everyday. They need a place to move too. Sanctuary cities are being over run, San Francisco is a 3rd world country, Oakland is making more money then ever, and going broke from all the free medical they pay out. Seattle is worse then Portland. And my taxes are going up fast. Portland has a great housing market, most can't afford them, and limited low income housing. Lived here 35 yrs, and I'm looking to move in the spring. PDX cops and the Mayor can't even get along. It used to be a great place to live, now its a joke, a bad one.

Chuck Glisson

Here's a suggestion, if you "Can't Afford" it, and you have NO INTENTION of "Getting a Job", then


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