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Monday, Oct. 25th, 3:30 P.M.

It’s a soaker out there this evening as waves of showers continue to roll in from the Pacific.  An unstable airmass means some of the showers are heavy and there’s still a slight chance for a thunderstorm through the evening.  Wind dies down a bit overnight, but at least some southerly breeze continues all through Tuesday.  That makes for a mild night around 50 degrees again.

A more organized weather system arrives at sunrise for a very gloomy first half of Tuesday, wet too!  Then it’s more of an off/on showery thing tomorrow afternoon and night.

Wednesday and Thursday we’ll see the weather “slow down” a bit with more dry than wet days.  But still a lot of cloud cover.  After a wet day Friday, there’s a very good chance we have a few dry days into the weekend and early next week!  A dry easterly wind may give us lots of sunshine on Halloween.