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Brian MacMillan is an Associated Press award-winning meteorologist for FOX 12’s Noon News and weeknight shows. You will also see him reporting news, sports and even traffic on occasion. Brian joined the FOX 12 family in 2009.

Brian is a die-hard Washington State Cougars fan and graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism. He’s the president of the local alumni chapter and organizes Coug get-togethers around the state. If you see a bunch of people having fun in crimson and gray, Brian is probably somewhere in the mix. He also graduated with a degree in meteorology from Mississippi State University and is currently back at school working on a master’s degree because he can’t get enough homework in his life.

Brian loves making people laugh. He is a longtime comedian and improviser. Back in 2006, he toured Europe for a month doing shows in Germany, Austria and France. He regularly performs at clubs and theaters in Portland and emcees various events around town.

Brian is a huge soccer fan and a Timbers season ticket holder. He is a member of the Oregon Adult Soccer Association and plays soccer on a co-ed team called the Westside Maniacs.

As the chef in his house, Brian bakes bread, makes a mean creme brulee, and loves his Instant Pot. However, he is still getting the courage to open up the food processor he got for his wedding several years ago.

You can find Brian on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @BMacTV. Email him with story ideas at

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