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Image courtesy: Portland Trail Blazers

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The Portland Trail Blazers have unveiled new uniforms to celebrate the state of Oregon.

The team showed off its 2020-2021 “City Edition” uniform for the first time Thursday.

The Blazers said the new look was created to honor “the unique beauty of Oregon’s landscape as well as acknowledging the tribal nations throughout the region who have called this land their home from the beginning.”

Oregon is stitched across the front of the jerseys for the first time in team history. It also features the same font as the iconic stag sign in Old Town.

Other highlights include:

  • Topography-patterned fabric representing Oregon’s rugged terrain.
  • Color palette symbolizing the “majestic scenery” throughout the region.
  • Nike swoosh is in its original orange color to symbolize the company’s roots in Oregon.

The Blazers will still have their more recognizable red, black and white jerseys next season, as well. It’s not yet clear how often the team will wear the new Oregon uniforms.

The Trail Blazers and Biofreeze are donating a portion of the net proceeds from sales of these jerseys to the Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA), a Portland-area nonprofit “working to enhance the diverse strengths of native youths and families through cultural identity and education.”

The jerseys go on sale Dec. 3. For more, go to

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(6) comments


Oregon is now Armenia.

Son of Fukov

Celebrate Oregon? You left of the sickle and hammer.

Frederick Fukov

HAA ha ha ha ha..that's an instand classic.

Randy Marsh: "Nice!"

Frederick Fukov

Geez, why don't they just put a big picture of Kate Brown on there. I mean, it's pretty clear she thinks she IS Oregon.


I thought Oregon was a Green state....Nothing about those uniforms makes me think of Oregon. The old uniforms were much better and more fun to look at. These are drab and unfriendly-looking.

Frederick Fukov

I agree..those things are buht ugly. There's already a team in this state that has "Oregon" on their jerseys. They play down in Eugene. Are the Blazers trying to avoid having the name "Portland" on their jerseys now, because Portland has become a national embarrassment?

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