Oregon fashion company mixes modest sensibility with modern design


An Oregon fashion company says gone are the days of low-cut tops and Daisy Duke short-shorts, replaced by designs that are modest and modern.

Dainty Jewells in La Grande says its "modest clothing line" is in high demand among women and girls all across the world and was even featured in national television.

Charity Walter explained how the company’s designs were featured on the reality television show "Bringing Up Bates."

“One of the daughters used our dresses for her wedding for her brides mates,” she said.

Dainty Jewells is owning the style with its traditional collections. With the neck lines a little higher and the sleeves longer, Walter said it's about being classy.

“It's not frumpy. A lot of people when they hear modest they think covered head to toe, baggy, ugly,” she said. “But it's very much in fashion. We follow the trends and just alter it to meet our modest standards.”

The modest online clothing brand has blouses, lace skirts and even sweater dresses, and the collections range from casual outdoor wear to bridesmaid dresses and everything in between, all inspired by women of the 50s and 60s.

“Jackie Kennedy - I just love everything about her style and taste in fashion,” Walter said. “Audrey Hepburn, the flared waist.”

Walter launched the line in North Carolina in 2009 after her own frustrations.

“I started redesigning my own outfits because I would go to the mall and be so frustrated,” she explained. “I couldn't find anything that was modest or I would have to layer a hundred million pieces to make it look modest which defeats the whole purpose.”

Since opening in Oregon in 2013, the line has exploded with all kinds of women searching for modest wear.

“Jewish people dress modestly. Muslim people dress modestly,” Walter said. “I am completely amazed with how many people dress modestly.”

Walter added that it is a growing niche market, with most of the orders currently coming from Saudi Arabia, followed by the U.S. and Canada.

The Christian-based company has shipped close to 100,000 women all over the world.

To learn more about Dainty Jewells, visit their website at DaintyJewells.com.

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