OSU catcher ready for College World Series with talent, family legacy


He leads the College World Series in runs batted in and was an Oregon State star before ever stepping foot on campus in Corvallis: Adley Rutschman.

Known as “Clutchman,” Adley is the pride of Sherwood High School and the legendary Rutschman family.

Adley’s father Randy said his son’s talent started showing early.

“Time when he hit a home run he said, power skips a generation, Rutsch. So I was like, thank you.”

Randy’s buddies know just how good his kid is, and Randy told FOX 12 Adley gets it from his mother. “Oh, definitely. His mom, when there is money on the line she is pretty good.”

Adley just might be the college catcher in the country. Randy said Adley “knew more about his swing at 8 years old than I did coming out of college.”

A football and baseball star at Sherwood High, the single-season school record-holder for runs batted in leads the College World Series with 10 RBI and a .429 batting average.

“I think baseball is such a humbling sport that, one day you are a rising star and the next day you are a falling star so understanding that you are only as good as your next at bat, your next game,” said Randy, a retired teacher who is at the College World Series to cheer on his son for the second time in two years.

“You are a point where I am not going to see (Nick) Madrigal or (Cadyn) Grenier or (Jack) Anderson’s parents after this much so you know I think everybody is wanting to make it last as long as they can so they want to make it count and just enjoy the moment.”

Randy is the son of Linfield coaching legend Ad Rutschman. Randy played baseball, basketball and football against Pat Casey when they were growing up in McMinnville.

“This guy I had to cover had thighs as thick as my waist, that was Pat Casey.”

Randy told FOX 12 that Coach Casey first met his future All-American catcher when little Adley was just 4 years old.

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