CANBY, OR (KPTV) - The delayed and condensed high school sports calendar is on now for many, but not all, in what is being called season two, which runs for six weeks of competition.

In this Senior Spotlight, FOX 12 highlights a Canby High School leader who will soon suit up to serve the country.

Senior Chance Miller can hardly mask the team's anticipation for what's to come.

"That’s really exciting for us to see what we can do.," Miller said.

After the shortened Cougar football campaign, it will be on to track and field before running point guard for Canby hoops - Miller's time is now.

HSS Chance Miller Canby

Chance Miller (KPTV image)

"We haven’t played football in over a year, you’ve been working on it for so long. My senior season, that is what you look up to as a kid and everything like that, and just to have it stripped away like that?" he said.

Born in Fairbanks, the wide receiver and safety spent the bulk of his childhood in Albany before moving to Canby in middle school.

"Obviously, every year it is about the team and everything but this year, anytime you celebrate, it’s with your teammates," Miller said. "You don’t have fans to cheer you on and you have to find that within your teammates and within yourself."

Generating your own juice.

"You can say it has kind of been built up over this time waiting. Everybody is just ready to go, excited to play so it has been built up and we are just ready to go now," said Miller.

He is taking the opportunity to grow in the college game with the Air Force Academy.

"It’s crazy. That is like the only school I have really talked to, and being the Air Force as the only school I talked to is kind of insane to be honest," Miller said.

His mind will be screwed on right and tight for the Falcons after this last hunt with the Cougars.

"Four years of school and cadet training and then after that, serve for five years and you can take the business side of the Air Force or you can go and serve," he said. "I was thinking more of like, the Air Force. Pilot, stuff like that, planes and everything."

Miller is a kid who flies right.

"Wake up in the morning, workout, go train for the military, schooling, and then practice again and homework all night, so that is what it is going to work like," he said.

Embrace the grind and the final march with the Cougars.

"I played soccer back in Albany and when I came here, it was all about football and Canby just engulfs football. Canby is football for us. That is basically what we have," Miller said.

Those Friday Night Lights flick back on for Canby for the condensed six-week winter season on March 5 at Clackamas High School.

If you know of any high school senior athletes who deserve some praise, reach out to Nick Krupke at or on social media via his Facebook pageTwitter or Instagram.

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