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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The Portland Trail Blazers announced the organization’s Racial Injustice Fund on Tuesday, with an initial $200,000 donation for local and national organizations "fighting for racial justice and police reform."

The team is accepting donations to the Trail Blazers Foundation, with all funds going to nonprofit organizations “committed to fighting racial injustices, racial inequities and racism at a local and national level.”

“The Trail Blazers and Rose Quarter are committed to fighting for racial justice and we will continue to use our platform to help create the safe, secure quality of life we all deserve,” said Chris McGowan, President AND CEO of the Trail Blazers and Rose Quarter. “We have a responsibility to amplify the voices of our fans, players and staff to create positive change.”

For a list of organizations receiving the initial donations from the Blazers, go to

The Blazers have also partnered with the NBA Board of Governors for the first-ever NBA Foundation. That foundation was launched with the National Basketball Players Association to drive economic empowerment for Black communities through employment and career development by partnering with organizations that focus on three employment points: Obtaining a first job, securing employment after college and career advancement after employed.

Over the next 10 years, the 30 NBA team owners will collectively contribute $300 million annually to establish this new leaguewide charitable foundation.

"Jody Allen, Chair, Trail Blazers, has made the Trail Blazers’ initial $1 million donation and will continue to donate $1 million for the next nine years to enhance and grow the work of national and local organizations dedicated to education and employment," according to a team statement. 

The Blazers are also encouraging people to vote, with additional information at

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(4) comments

pb sir

Thank you for the news alert. But I won't be contributing, and I never will...

Frederick Fukov

200k? So I guess the Billionairess who owns the team, and the millionaires who ARE the team, haven't bothered to donate? I mean, first of all, why, other than blatant band wagon jumping and a weak, window dressing PR attempt, is this even a thing? How much REAL racial injustice is going on these days? BLM was founded on the lie which was Michael Brown. Dude robbed and beat a frail, asian store owner, and it was all on video. That act in itself, was racial injustice. Then even black witnesses supported Ofcr Wilson's claim, that Brown was beating him and grabbed for his gun. So BLM in Ferguson, was founded on lies.

Then you have George Floyd, who med experts have stated that Floyd would likely have died anyway, due to the massive amounts of meth and fenanyl he had in his system.

Breonna Taylor was shacked up with a drug dealer, who was a convicted felon, and she was recorded on the phone, talking about drug deals with inmates.

Oh, and then again..for every ONE black person shot by law enforcement, 275 are shot by..ya know..other black people.

Racial injustice? Please. Back in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and maybe even in the 90s there might have been a larger degree of it..but not today. It's not a valid problem. All it is, is an excuse for the radical left to go off and try to destroy the country.

And finally..what is 200k going to do for anyone on a national level? What a farce.


The trail losers need to be flushed.

Frederick Fukov

Actually, they gave a pretty heroic effort to get into the playoffs, to beat Memphis, and to defeat the Lakers in the first game of their series. I have no problem with the team, or it's leader..Damian Lillard. I'm kinda stoked about their future..actually. But this is just a lame publicity stunt.

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