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I just want to tell all of you at Fox12, that I hope you realize how much hope you gave that young man and his family. Just knowing that someone out there, supports them, and cares. It's so easy to feel like you're going through something like cancer alone. And when complete strangers show such compassion, it gives them the strength to fight, and not give up. It was almost 12 years ago, but, my son was Jacob VanVoorhis. A family friend put together the "Cruise In for Hope" campaign, in downtown Milwaukie to raise funds to help us with finances. The out-pour of support from our community, made all of us feel like we weren't going through this alone. It gave all of us hope, and made Jacob want to fight his Osteosarcoma, even harder than he already was. We lost Jacob in December of 2017. But, he gave it his all, all the way to the end. He is my hero! And, this young man, is also my hero. Thank you for being such caring, loving people. You humble myself, and I'm sure his family as well. Keep reaching out to others....your kindness and support, helps others to believe in fighting for their lives, and lifts their spirits....more than you realize.

No one, especially a child, should have to feel like they are doing this alone.

God bless you and your team, and to that young man and his family.

Fox12, has just been added to my "hero list" :)


Shelly VanVoorhis

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