Map of Mexico.

(Meredith) – The U.S. State Department has issued a travel advisory to anyone traveling to Mexico soon.

The advisory for Mexico has been upgraded to level 2, which encourages travelers to “exercise increased caution.”

[Click here to view the full warning on the State Department's website]

The Department issued a list of places travelers should avoid or reconsider travel to:

Do Not Travel To:

  • Colima state due to crime.
  • Guerrero state due to crime.
  • Michoacán state due to crime.
  • Sinaloa state due to crime.
  • Tamaulipas state due to crime and kidnapping.

Reconsider Travel To:

  • Chihuahua state due to crime.
  • Coahuila state due to crime.
  • Durango state due to crime.
  • Jalisco state due to crime.
  • Mexico state due to crime.
  • Morelos state due to crime.
  • Nayarit state due to crime.
  • Nuevo Leon state due to crime.
  • San Luis Potosi state due to crime.
  • Sonora state due to crime.
  • Zacatecas state due to crime.

It also has a checklist of what you should be aware of should you decide to travel to Mexico:

  • Keep your traveling companions and family back home informed of your travel plans. If separating from your travel group, send a friend your GPS location. If taking a taxi alone, take a photo of the taxi number and/or license plate and text to a friend.
  • Use toll roads when possible and avoid driving alone or at night. In many states, police presence and emergency services are extremely limited outside the state capital or major cities.
  • Exercise increased caution when visiting local bars, nightclubs, and casinos.
  • Do not display signs of wealth, such as wearing expensive watches or jewelry.
  • Be extra vigilant when visiting banks or ATMs.
  • Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive Alerts and make it easier to locate you in an emergency.
  • Follow the Department of State on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Review the Crime and Safety Reports for Mexico.
  • Prepare a contingency plan for emergency situations.

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(3) comments


Mexicant is 2nd most crime ridden country ever ..........

Frederick Fukov

I agree. In fact, instead of war with Iran, we should be at war with the cartels. They're kiIIing 70,000 americans every year by smuggling in and distributing complete garbage. Then again, shouldn't we also blame the americans who choose to do hard drugs? I mean, with what we know about hard drugs, and how we know it never ends well with hard drugs..then..ya know..why do 'em?


Portugal treats addiction and recreational//illicit drug use as a public health problem, instead of expecting cops, courts judges and jails to solve the problems. This puts an extra burden on their healthcare, but they don't waste a ton of money fughting a futile "War on drugs". Despite this additional burden on their socialized medicine, they spend 1/3 per capita what the U.S. does. They live longer. They have half the infant mortality rate we do. Their drug OD rate is 1/30 that in the US. If we did as well, more old farts like me would die from falling over than the total from overdoses. We have a deadly stupid drug policy. I'm cynical enough to think that the plan is to have enough addicts die that the drug problem just goes(dies) away

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