It is time to pull the plug on Portland's little experiment with Marxism. Wheeler and the entire city council must be defunded and voted out of office. Their racial hatred and their anti-American values do NOT represent the majority of Portland and definitely not Oregon. Governor Brown is…


The Proud Boys are NOT the racist here. BLM and Antifa, who the City board and mayor allow night after night to TERRORIZE the entire city for the last four months ARE the Urban Terrorist RACISTS!

The entire local government of Portland NEED to be fired and these urban terrorists nee…


Not sure if any charges will be brought?

Enough - bring in the Feds!!! If is obvious that our police are handcuffed, our mayor is an idiot child, our city council is corrupt, Multnomah DA is collisional and the county judge WANTS or NEEDS the destruction of Portland.

Local Gov…


I HOPE that there will be a way to DOUBLE fund the police on the ballot


maybe we can vote on Defunding the city council and mayor????




The hank you Fed for having some leadership!!!

Our Mayor, our city council and our governor are ALL Socialist Terrorist that are bent on destroying this great state just to become California’s lap dog. All the people that voted in these Totalitarians are idiots tha…


The title is what is WRONG with Portland

It says "Driver shot by police"


"Car thief" or "Gunman" or "Armed Criminal confronting the police" or "Scumbag"

It says "Driver" shot by police..... See the difference?



This is what I have been saying since day three.

Wheeler, the City Council, AND Brown should all be arrested and charged with criminal intent. The good people of Portland have been put under a non-Democratic government and this has GOT to be confounded and brought …


Not ALL Angels have wings! This story brought a tear to my eye. God Love them!


Those signs are NOT threats, they are promises.

Somebody asked me if it was right to shoot somebody over a TV set?

and my response was "is it right for somebody to risk their live over a TV set"?

Play stupid games/get stupid prizes


but if THEY were the ones that started the fires.... they wouldn't WANT them out just yet.