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Not an accurate representation of what actually happened in this incident. I suspect that the true story is not as sensational as the way Fox12 has spun the story. The truth is that the senior veteran was verbally attacking and posturing violently/threateningly towards a woman in the parking lot for several minutes before she ran inside the store, fearing for her safety. She managed to convince a store employee (who was on his lunch break) to escort her to her vehicle so she could leave. The man was still there, and started yelling and screaming at the woman again when she came back! This is when you see the video starting in this news article... very inappropriate to leave out the part of the story that puts everything into context. Also, if they would have bothered to interview anyone else for this story; the other witnesses would have explained that the man was not pushed, he fell when the store employee blocked him from lunging at the woman's car. It is very possible that the senior was saved from bodily injury. Had he not been restrained, he might have fallen right into the woman's vehicle as she was trying to leave away from that abusive and aggressive man.

Shame on Fox12 for some very poor investigative reporting, and for spinning a story like this to suit their viewership's lust for sensationalism! What about the man here that was attempting to diffuse the situation, and was interested in protecting a woman from an aggressive and abusive man?? what happens to him? will he loose his job for trying to do the right thing, and instead becoming the victim of this misinterpreted story-line

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