(Meredith) -- A wild video shows a coyote running for dear life after crossing paths with a cat in Canada. 

Police in Port Moody, British Columbia, recorded video of the fearless feline chasing the coyote out of a parking lot on May 14. 

“The things our patrol officers see at 4 am,” the police department wrote on Twitter. “Cat 1, coyote 0.” 

Some people feared the coyote was traveling with a pack and baiting the cat for an ambush, but the officers confirmed that did not happen.  

"Thankfully that’s not the case," the police department tweeted. "We followed the lone coyote out of the area. And the same cat was seen doing its rounds in the parking lot again this early morning!" 

The video has been viewed more than 19,000 times on Twitter. 

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(3) comments

Just curious

[smile]That's the best laugh I've had all day

Lexx Luthor

Wiley will return with crewe and very discretely deal with the puddy-mauer .....figures the media would pre-judge and award 'this round' ....100 bucks on the coyote though.


Must be a Canadian coyote, lighter duty than a US coyote. The US version keeps the cats cleaned out around my neighborhood.

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