7pm Friday...

Last night was fun...strong wind arrived right on schedule. The first wind storm of the season produced widespread 50-65 mph gusts along the coastline. Of course the usual high wind spots recorded much higher speeds.

Coast Peak Wind Gusts2.png
Coast Peak Wind Gusts.png

In the inland areas peak speeds were a bit lighter than models were forecasting, although close enough to our 35-50 mph forecast. PDX hit 37 mph. Around 7,000 PGE customers lost power in the northern Willamette Valley.

Wind Metro Peak Gusts Today.png

We picked up a LOT of rain, you probably noticed!

Rain Metro Today Databound.png

If there were any doubts this would be a dry November...that's disappearing quickly.

We have November snowstorm #2 in progress in the Cascades. The live view from our Upper Bowl camera at Mt. Hood Skibowl shows at least 20" on the ground up there. Last year we had trouble getting that much all the way through late December!

Cam Skibowl.png

About a foot and a half of new snow has fallen above 5,000'!

Snow Mt Hood Totals2.png

Both Timberline and Meadows now have a base around 30"...ON NOVEMBER 13TH. This is way ahead of last year when ski areas had less snow on the ground the third week of December! Excellent news.

So what's ahead?

Lots more rain in the valleys, and snow in the mountains. Another system moves inland tomorrow afternoon/evening; snow sticks above about the 3,500' elevation. That snow level does go as high as 4,500' early Sunday, then drops by midday. The result should be another 8-12" in the Cascades by Sunday evening when things dry out. I do expect a "warm" system in the mountains Monday and early Tuesday, but then we're back to cooler systems the 2nd half of next week.

7 Day Forecast Cascades Mt Hood Government Camp.png

To summarize:

  1. Cascade ski resorts appear to be in excellent shape for early openings this year. In the past few years ski areas have opened with limited operations with only 20" on the ground.
  2. There WILL be a 2 day spell of rain/warm conditions, but not really a pineapple express. I expect the snowpack to consolidate a bit and we'll lose quite a few inches. But more snow fill follow the 2nd half of next week.
  3. There's no sign of a warm spell or series of warm storms that would melt most of the snowpack. Good news!

This is quite a change from the past two years. Check out snow depth at the bottom of Pucci Lift. This is for November 19th (next Thursday). Last year there was nothing on the ground at this point...big improvement.

Mark Mt Hood Snowpack November.png

By the way, we'll see at least another inch of rain in the lowlands this weekend. Keep in mind this is precipitation; much of that falls in the form of snow in the Cascades.

ECMWF Precipitation Hourly Runs.png

Expect a soaker the 2nd half of tomorrow, plus gusty southerly wind. Then it's back to a showers/sunbreaks mix Sunday...like what we've seen today.

Enjoy your weekend!

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