Quick update to let you know what's going on as we are getting slammed by Round #2

  1. Heavy precipitation continues until around 5am Saturday, then it's just scattered showers. This event is going to be pretty much "over" by mid-morning tomorrow. By that I mean I don't expect significant accumulation of either snow/ice pellets/freezing rain after sunrise tomorrow.
  2. The entire metro area is now the coldest we've seen through the event. Low to mid 20s and in some areas it's pouring down liquid rain! That's not good.
  3. Portland officially recorded at least 4.7" snow today, possibly a bit more since 4pm

One relatively minor change, which makes a big difference for snow totals is here. This is what we've been expecting. Snow north metro, freezing rain far south for this event.

This is what has actually been you see any difference?

Yep, that's about a 10 mile northward shift to the MIX and FREEZING RAIN AREA. Meteorologically pretty close, but it happens to lie right across the middle of a metro area containing 2.5 million people!

5-7" snow has fallen in the snowy area so far (as expected), but more glazing is happening farther north in the metro. Those places in the central metro that might have seen 4-8" instead are mostly done with snow.

So in the end we'll still end up with 2-12" total snowfall in the metro area, but the southern end of light snow shifts a bit farther north.

Models are hinting that we may see a southward shift of the snow line again late tonight as cooler air comes in with the front...before precipitation totally cuts off. SO IT'S STILL POSSIBLY ANYONE IN THAT MIX AREA PICKS UP 1-2" LATER

That's it for now...see you on TV at 10/11pm...Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

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