All evening models are in at 10 p.m.  They are all drier, which of course means less snow for the Portland metro area.  I’ve lowered the forecast a bit because of this

Snow Tonight Forecast 1

What does this mean?

  1. I think Portland will pretty much operate “as normal” tomorrow after a light morning dusting.
  2. As mentioned in the previous posting, if we really only get 1″ of snow roads will be just plain wet most of the time or for sure by noon
  3. Afternoon commute will be fine

All the other forecasts remain unchanged, a snowstorm just about everywhere south and east of the metro area.  Click on each for a closer view.

The final holdout (ECMWF) model came in just before 10pm and looks like this.  Seems pretty reasonable to me.

ECMWF Snow Accumulation

See you on the other side!  That would be the other side of the snow event, I’ll post sometime tomorrow morning

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

Chief meteorologist

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