The weekend is just about here, and it sure won’t start with the weather we saw today.  Portland hit 80 degrees this afternoon, that’s after cloudy skies through noon.  It was a quick warm-up once sunshine arrived!

Todays Observed Highs OrWa 2017

Strong high pressure remains in the eastern Pacific through the weekend.  But a slight shift farther away from us tomorrow and Saturday allows two weak weather systems to move south out of Canada.  Compared to 24 hours ago, that 2nd system Saturday is looking stronger and will give us lots of clouds and showers.  That system is quite cold for late May; sticking snow will fall down to Timberline Lodge at 6,000′ or even a bit lower tomorrow evening through Sunday morning.  Only hardcore tent campers will be having a good time in the mountains Friday & Saturday.


  1. The first two days (Friday & Saturday) will be cloudy, cool, and occasionally wet in Western Oregon and Washington.  That includes the western Gorge and Cascades
  2. Sunday and Monday turn warmer again, with just a chance of an afternoon/evening shower drifting off the Cascades and down into the lowlands.
  3. This means Sunday/Monday are your best outdoor days with warmest temps

Forecast for the ocean beaches (this works for central Oregon coastline as well)


It’ll be very chilly camping in the Cascades through Saturday.  Then much better (but not rain-free) Sunday-Monday.   Expect afternoon showers to build over the mountains each of those days.


Enjoy your weekend, it appears the mild/warm weather will continue into the last few days of May (next week).  That’ll wrap up another warm spring.

MarkSpring WrapUp

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

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