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February 4, 2019

I was concerned in my 11am post that the ECMWF was showing cold air coming up the Columbia River and into the metro area this afternoon.  Excellent forecast and it  is happening now.  Temps are approaching freezing in the central/east metro area where snow has been falling steadily.  It’s mainly dry in central/north Clark county and Washington county.  Notice it’s warmer where no precipitation is falling in much of Washington County.

2017 Current Temps PDX Metro Area Earth Scene

Now that lower dewpoints/colder air has moved in, who gets snow and who doesn’t will be totally based on snowfall intensity.  I think that’s still most likely (widespread white on the ground) in the central/east metro the next few hours with little or no snow west metro.

If you live near work and have nothing critical to do central/east metro…head home now just to be safe.  Even if we don’t get widespread snow, that will lighten load on roads for later. Some freeways are already jamming up as they would any day at 2:30pm but current weather sure doesn’t help.



  • Trace to 2″ this evening & tonight.
  • The 2″ total is more likely out east of I-205 (Gresham, Happy Valley, Camas, Battle Ground)
  • 3-5″ east of Washougal, Corbett, Sandy, Estacada
  • Snowy roads likely for morning commute, especially hills and east of I-205


Less than 1/2″, None for many of you

Looks like almost all the snow action will be central/east metro as I mentioned this morning.  I think it’s unlikely Salem gets anything significant as well

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